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Welcome to the website of Josy Vaassen, Visual Artist and Goldsmith in Echt in Limburg (NL).

Here she introduces you to her Artworks, which all display their own character, whether through the processed material or the design, everything fits together perfectly, and gives the Artworks its own unique appearance.

Both Goldsmith Works like, Silver Clay and Glass Objects are gorgeous shape and composition of their colors in every area right in place.

The Ink Art is also a color exaggeration for the viewer, and you always discover new forms and expressions in the Artwork.

For the Glass Jewelery she has created her own distinctive and distinctive style that is frequently copied, but the individuality and originality of the Artist can always be recognized.

Josy Vaassen

Is a skilled and excellent Goldsmith with a lot of experience, also through her many years of guidance at the Creative Center "Banderdhof" in Echt, where she has been giving various courses for many years.


You can follow her courses in various art directions such as goldsmithing, glass fusing & Silverclay design, in her own Atelier.

Workshops Privé & Bedrijf

She gives Workshops for beginners and advanced students at home, where learning and working together are paramount, for schools, friends clubs, associations and Companies as well as motivation and Teambuilding, in her own Atelier.

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