Whether or not a design has been decided,
we need to determined what is needed for plate and wire.

The rough design is soldered and then finished.
including, filing, sanding and polishing.
This applies to both gold and silver.
I also use various techniques such as sand, sepia
and the lost wax technique.
Especially in my free designs,
which gives me the most satisfaction.

Silver clay:
Pure silver mixed from the industry
with biodegradable clay.
You model your own jewel,
after which it is dried and baked.
After that, pure silver remains.
This can be enhanced with
pebbles, glass, copper and gold.
One advantage, it never tarnishes.

Glass Jewelry:
Originated by the melting of glass rods
turned in the flame and the glass around a mandrel.
The melting in the kiln of glass pieces also gives special results,
that can be processed in jewelry of various precious metals.

Glass Objects:
Made of special glass that is designed to be joined together
in a special kiln for 24 hours.
This is called fusing. Temperatures play an important role in this.
This requires a thorough knowledge of material and the kiln.
Special molds in different shapes are available for trays.
As a finish, the works may or may not need to be placed in supports.

Ink Art:
This painting technique is made with alcohol-based ink.
This can be applied to glass, stone and metal.
However, my ink art is raised on " Yupo ".
A special surface for paintings.
We apply the Ink and diluting it with alcohol,
and blowing in and out, (with Blowpoles).
This is how you make the most beautiful designs.