Born in the heart of Sittard.

Training goldsmith in Schoonhoven, Amsterdam and Antwerp.
The biggest motivation for me was the excitement
of making old things new again.

Discovering a new medium like Silverclay,
provided an exciting new challenge for me.
Things that were not feasible for goldsmiths were suddenly possible.
I have successfully earned a Diploma A and B as an instructor.

I then completed training in glass art, glass fusion,
lamp work and melting glass beads.

I started combining this with my goldsmith work and Silver clay.
After taking seminars in Germany, Belgium and USA,
I was completely sold on the beautiful colors of glass.

A new challenge was born.
I began doing works of art in glass,
combining them with other media.
My designs speak for themselves.

i have been working as a teacher for several years
at the Creative Center Banderthof in Echt.